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CAR Award Spotlight

I was at the local grocery store and thought twice about entering the "less than 10 items" ilse as I had about 20 items. I explained to the cashier that I was really in a hurry and the other lines were so long. As I finished explaining, I noticed the man behind me walking up with 2 items. I told him to go ahead of me as I was in viloation of the rules. He politely thanked me and the cashier rang her out.

After I finished ringing out, and was on my way through the parking lot to my car, a strange man approached me, handed me an envelope, and simply said he had witnessed my gesture of allowing the man to go ahead of me in line. He turned and walked away. I opened the envelope, delighted to find $20 and a flyer thanking me for being considerate. It made my day and I had to check out the website and tell my story. It's a pretty cool concept. Thanks CAR people, whoever you are.
Spotlight Story: St. Cloud, MN
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Spotlight Award: $100
Considerate Action Recognition
rewarding random acts of consideration