The Considerate Actions Recognition (CAR) program was founded to reward people for showing consideration towards others. It's stories like this one and videos like this one that inspire us to  build and grow the CAR program.


Being "considerate" is different from being "kind". CAR is about showing consideration for others. It's an awareness and an attitude that seems to be in a declining state these days.


This has been forever. You should try it.


Everywhere. We won't stop until it's everywhere.


The idea for the CAR program was born from the movie, "Pay it Forward". The founder began pondering ideas on how to make a lasting impact by spreading considerate awareness across the nation. Learn about more initiatives by visiting the parent company at OPSWAD.


CAR is a marketing firm with an old fashioned approach. We don't ask for donations and we don't hold fund raisers. We're a real business that pays its bills and employees from profits generated by advertisers and sponsors.
About CAR
Considerate Action Recognition
rewarding random acts of consideration